Finish Dishwasher Salt 3kg

Finish Dishwasher Salt 3kg


#1 recommended
Helps soften water to prevent limescale and watermarks

100% Better machine protection*
Get 100% better machine protection* for your dishwasher with Finish Salt. For better dishwasher performance, use Finish Additives together with Finish detergents.
*at least 2x better limescale deposit protection when using Finish Salt with Finish detergent vs using Finish detergent alone.

Finish Salt provides 100% better machine protection* helping prevent limescale depositing and protecting your dishwasher, by softening water when used in conjunction with the softening unit. It also helps prevent stains and watermarks accumulating on your dishes & glasses.
Important: Finish Salt is specially designed for your dishwasher with 99% purity. Other salts may contain impurities that will damage the anti-cal unit of your dishwasher.

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